At Studio Zar our design philosophy is rooted in timeless values and an unwavering commitment to creating objects of lasting beauty and significance. You'll never see us following the masses; we prefer to forge our own path.

Our inspiration is drawn from classic production methods, craftsmanship, and artisanal work. We find perfection in the imperfections that make each piece unique. We embrace minimalism as a way of life and design.

Our handmade objects embody simplicity, elegance, and functionality.

Labor of Love

We take great pride in the collection we've thoroughly crafted. It has been a labor of love from its inception. At every stage of development, we've approached our work with utmost care, respect, and admiration for our dedicated team of glassblowers. Our unwavering commitment to sustainability and timelessness aligns seamlessly with our design standards and brand philosophy.

Our steadfast dedication to quality is the cornerstone of our brand. We pour considerable effort into the meticulous selection of pieces that meet our exacting quality standards. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that our customers receive nothing less than pieces that we are genuinely proud to offer. Quality is our pledge, and it's the bedrock upon which our brand is built.

Your Studio Zar Masterpiece

While you explore our collection for a Studio Zar design that suits you best, you will notice that all designs are available in a variety of rich colors to cater to personal preferences and different interior styles. To bring even more depth to the collection we have also created sub-collections.

Our most outspoken pieces are part of the "Uranium Selection," where the common thread is the breathtaking beauty of this captivating color.

For those with a preference for classic interiors, our "Amber Collection" pays tribute to timeless elegance.

The "Champagne Collection" is a dazzling display of light and luxury. These pieces bring an lively glow to your home, imbuing it with a sense of opulence and sophistication.

The Beauty Marks

Appreciation for our designs never goes unnoticed, it is the fuel to our inspiration and motivation. We are forever grateful that we can create for people that just like us carry love for craftsmanship, value the story behind an object and are looking for a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

The human touch, the nuances of handcrafted techniques, and the dedication to quality, all result in objects that tell stories, evoke emotions, and resonate deeply with those who appreciate the beauty of artistry. The bells in the glass and the lines from turning the pipe, all these 'beauty marks' make your piece unique and indicate your piece is handmade.