The Roq Champagne

Handmade - every object is unique
The Roq is our crowning jewel, an objet d'art that transcends the boundaries of conventional decor. This extraordinary design is a testament to the fusion of art and design, making it the logical choice for those who appreciate beauty that defies the ordinary. This objet d'art is a celebration of artistry, an embodiment of creativity, and a declaration of individuality. The Roq challenges the ordinary and invites you to embrace the extraordinary. It promises to transform your living space into a canvas of inspiration and imagination, a place where art and design merge seamlessly to create a unique and timeless experience.

width 36 cm | height 24 cm

Every Studio Zar object is individually handcrafted using the art of glassblowing, ensuring that each piece is inherently one-of-a-kind.

Variations in color are a natural outcome of this production method.

The provided measurements serve as approximate indications rather than precise dimensions.

Several distinctive features are inherent to this production method, including delicate bell shapes within the glass, small pits and subtle lines resulting from the turning of the glassblower's pipe. These beauty marks signify that you are purchasing an artisanal, handcrafted product.


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Studio Zar

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that our customers receive nothing less than objects that we are genuinely proud to offer. Designed in Amsterdam and expertly handcrafted in Europe by our team of master glassblowers, ensuring our unwavering commitment to quality and exceptional craftsmanship.